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NEW: Other Stone Products

We are expanding the range of stone products to include Stone Sculptures and Stone Art, Stone flooring, tiles and wall cladding, stone tables, stone sinks, fireplaces, stairs, steps and staircases, house signs, memorial items and headstone designs.

We specialise in unique bespoke designs in stone. You name it we can make it for you.



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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Zen Range / Stainless Steel
Model Code Price
ZENUNO 180U ZU/18/U/S/017 £150,00
ZENUNO 340U ZU/34/U/S/018 £189,00
ZENUNO 340U DEEP ZU/34/U/D/S/70 £250,00
ZENUNO 400U ZU/40/U/S/019 £225,00
ZENUNO 400U DEEP ZU/40/U/D/S/71 £295,00
ZENUNO 450U ZU/45/U/S/020 £230,00
ZENUNO 500U ZU/50/U/S/021 £245,00
ZENUNO 700U ZU/70/U/S/023 £390,00
ZENDUO 340/180U ZD/3418/U/S/BBL/022 £365,00
ZENDUO 180/340U ZD/1834/U/S/BBR/024 £364,00
ZENDUO 550/180U ZD/5518/U/S/BBL/028 £494,39
ZENDUO 180/550U ZD/1855/U/S/BBR/029 £494,39
ZENDUO 400/400U ZD/4040/U/S/025 £490,00
ZENDUO 415/415U DEEP ZD/4141/U/D/S/073 £661,84
ZENDUO 700/180U GRANDE DEEP ZD/7018/U/D/S/072 £645,00
ZENUNO 5 I-F ZU/5/IF/S/BBR/026 £545,00
ZENUNO 5 I-F ZU/5/IF/S/BBL/039 £545,00
ZENDUO 6 I-F ZD/6/IF/S/BBR/027 £599,00
ZENDUO 6 I-F ZD/6/IF/S/BBL/038 £599,00
ZENTRIO 340/180/340U ZT/341834/US/115 £650,00
Velore Range / Stainless Steel / Inset
Model Code Price
VELOREUNO 860i VU/86/I/REV/047 £103,00
VELOREDUO 100i VD/100/P/REV/048 £110,00
VELOREDUO 101i VD/101/P/REV/049 £110,00
Tap Range
Model Code Price
Fontaine Single Lever Chrome FON/01/CH £52,00
Courbe Curved Spout Chrome COU/01/CH £112,50
Courbe Curved Spout Brushed Steel COU/02/BS £128,00
Cascade Square Spout Chrome CAS/01/CH £112,00
Cascade Square Spout Brushed Steel CAS/02/BS £112,00
Pluie Angled Spout Chrome PLU/01/CH £127,00
Pluie Angled Spout Brushed Steel PLU/02/BS £135,00
Curvato Slim Lever, Curved Spout Chrome CUR/01/CH £173,00
Curvato Slim Lever, Curved Spout Brushed Steel CUR/02/BS £187,00
Ruscello Square Body, Slim Lever Chrome RUS/01/CH £172,00
Ruscello Square Body, Slim Lever Brushed Steel RUS/02/BS £178,00
Versare Square Design Chrome VER/01/CH £225,00
Versare Square Design Brushed Steel VER/02/BS £240,00
Novanta 4 Hole Design (Inc Hand Spray) Chrome NOV/01/CH £495,00
Novanta 4 Hole Design (Inc Hand Spray) Brushed Steel NOV/02/BS £510,00
Grande Pull Out Chrome GRA/01/CH £272,00
Grande Pull Out Brushed Steel GRA/02/BS £275,00
Spruzzo Cold Rinse Hand Spray Chrome SPR/01/CH £103,00
Spruzzo Cold Rinse Hand Spray Brushed Steel SPR/02/BS £117,00
Curvato Water Filter Tap Chrome CUR/01/CH/TRIO £269,00
Curvato Water Filter Tap Brushed Steel CUR/02/BS/TRIO £289,00
Zen Range / Stainless Steel – 15mm Radius Internal Corners
Model Code Price
ZENUNO15 400U ZU/40/U15/S/080 £245,00
ZENUNO15 550U ZU/55/U15/S/081 £325,00
ZENUNO15 700U ZU/70/U15/S/083 £440,00
ZENDUO15 180/340U ZD/1834/U15/S/082 £465,00
ZENDUO15 400/400U ZD/4040/U15/S/084 £540,00
Etro Range / Stainless Steel
Model Code Price
ETROUNO 170U EU/17/U/MS/034 £90,00
ETROUNO 340U EU/34/U/MS/035 £99,00
ETROUNO 400U EU/40/U/MS/036 £110,00
ETROUNO 550U EU/55/U/MS/037 £110,00
ETRODUO 589/450U REV ED/5845/U/MS/REV/031  £189,00
ETRODUO 589/450U BBL ED/5845/U/MS/BBL/032  £180,00
ETRODUO 589/450U BBR ED/5845/U/MS/BBR/033  £180,00
ETRODUO 781/450 BBL ED/7845/U/MS/BBL/100 £300,00
ETRODUO 781/450 BBR ED/7845/U/MS/BBR/101 £300,00
ETROTRIO 960/450U ET/9645/U/MS/102 £325,00
Etro Range / Ceramic
Model Code Price
ETROUNO 210UC EU/21/U/C/092-WH £195,00
ETROUNO 325UC EU/32/U/C/093-WH £245,00
ETRODUO 343/136UC ED/3413/U/C/091-WH £294,00
Model Code Price
Zen Colander AC-ZEN-CS £70,00
Zen Glass Chopping Board AC-ZEN-GCB £40,00
Zen Mobile Drainer Medium Size AC-ZEN-MDM-MD £150,00
Zen Mobile Drainer Large Size AC-ZEN-LGE-MD £160,00
Steel Basket/Etro/Velore AC-UNI-SWB £40,00
Velore Colander AC-VEL-CS £70,00
Waste Tidy Stainless Steel AC-UNI-TIDY-SS £12,00
Basket Strainer Waste With O-Flow AC-BSW-O £16,00
Basket Strainer Waste- O-Flow-For Solid Surface AC-BSW-O-SOS £22,00
Mini-Basket Strainer Waste-For Solid Surface AC-BSW-MINI-SOS £14,00
Pop-Up Basket Strainer Waste Chrome AC-BSW-PU £26,00
Maximiser Plumbing Kit MPK1-2 £30,00
G Clip X 6 For Stainless Steel GCLIP/6 £16,00
Z Clip X 6 For Ceramic ZCLIP/6 £16,00
Curvato Trio Replacement Filter AC-FILTER £26,00

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