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Cash rewards of £25 up to £1000 for you and gifts for your Friends

Here is how it works:

You spend over £1000 (+vat) with Craftsman Ltd and then if you refer a friend to Craftsman Ltd who also spends over £1000 (+vat) with us we will give them a Gift of a Free Stone Chopping Board and you a cash reward of £25.

We will give you a £25 reward for each friend who spends over £1000 (+vat) with us.

If 10 of your friends spend over £1000 (+vat) each with us within 2 years we will give you a further £1000 reward!!!

So spend over £1000 (+ vat) with us and within 2 years you could get up to £1225 back!!!

All rewards are payable by cheque on receipt of full payment for your friend’s purchase.

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Cash Rewards

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NEW: Other Stone Products

We are expanding the range of stone products to include Stone Sculptures and Stone Art, Stone flooring, tiles and wall cladding, stone tables, stone sinks, fireplaces, stairs, steps and staircases, house signs, memorial items and headstone designs.

We specialise in unique bespoke designs in stone. You name it we can make it for you.


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