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Our extensive range of stone products to now includes Stone Sculptures and Stone Art, Stone flooring, tiles and wall cladding, stone tables, stone table tops, stone sinks, fireplaces, stairs, steps and staircases, house signs, memorial items and headstone designs.

We specialise in unique bespoke designs in stone. You design it we can make it for you.



Granite, Marble, Quartz, Glass, Ceramics  (GMQGC) special points.

1. GMQGC  DIY orders: 

1.1. Any measurements given by a Customer for final machining of granite must be in writing and signed; no liability assumed by Craftsman for incorrect dimensions.

1.2. Customer may arrange his/her own transport from Craftsman premises or can arrange for delivery for an extra charge; in both cases Customer is responsible for packing purchased objects in a suitable wooden box expressly designed for this purpose, which can also be provided by Craftsman for an extra charge. Craftsman will bear no responsibility for damage caused by a courier OR errors or defects occurring during a Customer-arranged method of delivery or from defects/failure of any wooden box.

1.3. The Customer has a right to inspect DIY goods by making appointment before collection.

1.4 DIY advice documentation on how could you do self everything yourself: http://www.craftsmanltd.co.uk/do_it_yourself.php

2. GMQGC Worktops, Measuring and Fitting: 

The following information is principally designed to address issues that arise when specifying and working with stone work surfaces. 

2.1. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that cabinets are secured firmly to the wall, are level and are sufficiently strong to support the weight of the heavy stone worktops. Similarly the floor needs to be suitably strong.

2.2. The Customer is responsible before templating & fitting for removal of existing or temporary worktops. Alternatively Craftsman can remove existing worktops for a fee to be included with this Contract.

2.3. After templating, the Customer must ensure cabinets and supports are not moved. Measurements taken at that time are crucial to ensure a good fit. Changes after templating are likely to cause significant difficulties and expense for which the customer is fully liable.

2.4. Craftsman reserve the right to add joints where  necessary, commensurate with health and safety guidelines and accessibility.  

2.5. Components of very long and/or very narrow dimensions significantly increase the risk of breakage during transit to customer’s  location of installation. Customer must agree to additional insurance and liability charges if, in the opinion of the Templator or Fitters, the dimensions and/or shape of an ordered component presents significant potential for cracking or breakage during transit. Such insurance will normally be assessed at the time an order is confirmed but Craftsman reserve the right to assess insurance prior to delivery of goods to location of installation and otherwise refund any pre-payment of customer.

2.6. Stone worktops are very heavy and can be difficult to handle in confined spaces. Our Fitters are experienced and will be extremely careful. The customer is requested to kindly remove cupboard fronts, appliances and any other items that may get damaged during fitting of granite worktops. Craftsman cannot take responsibility for damage to such items that are left in place. Craftsman cannot move any appliance, tables, units and other heavy objects for Customer during template or installation as Craftsman cannot be liable for any scratches on floors, cabinets, etc. 

2.7. Craftsman cannot accept liability for the well-being of Customer or his helpers who may assist lifting and moving, particularly large and/or cumbersome components (e.g. large islands of granite worktops). Customer accepts all liability for the well-being and claims of Customer and/or his helpers involved in moving or lifting. If the Customer prefers that Craftsman provide additional helpers, a separate charge may be levied for providing the necessary extra assistance.

2.8. Craftsman do not do plumbing, electric or gas work. Our fitters will only do temporary plumbing to test the fit and/or setting of components supplied. Craftsman may fix sinks and hobs to the stone worktops, but the customer should ask a suitably qualified plumber, gas fitter or electrician to connect the water, gas or electricity. Craftsman do not provide this service.

2.9. Craftsman do not install set appliances (dishwashers, stoves, microwaves). Craftsman cannot take responsibility for the variation in height between the worktops and any appliances (e.g. free standing oven). Craftsman can mount only stainless steel undermounted sinks to the worktops. 

2.10. Customer will need to ensure that suitable space and support is provided for sinks. Heavy undermounted sinks such as enamel sinks or granite sinks, need a wooden frame/ cradle  (with 15mm movement space all around sink)  is built and fitted prior to the installation date. If our fitters need to do extra work to accommodate sinks they may assess an additional charge at that time. 

2.11. Walls are rarely straight or square, so small gaps between the stone worktop and the wall should be expected. Our fitting team may also need to slightly modify walls (e.g. make cut outs) next to the stone worktop to minimize gaps. It is the responsibility of the Customer to perform final finishing of these areas. It is therefore advisable to have splash back or other similar tiling fitted only after worktop is installed.

3. Stone is a natural material and as such allowances must be made, for example:

3.1. Stone can have defects or imperfections due to the natural working characteristics of materials supplied. There may be small chips that arise in the course of manufacture, delivery and/or installation. Craftsman reserve the right to replace or repair minor defects entirely at our discretion. Craftsman also reserve the right to use chemical or resinous fillers, some of which may already be present in the stone worktop to affect any repairs.

3.2. Stone can vary in colour and Craftsman cannot guarantee the colour or character of stone delivered and/or fitting will be an exact match to any sample previously offered.

3.3. Stone worktops do sometimes incur slight variations in thickness so a 2mm tolerance either side of the ordered thickness of the worktop is required. This tolerance is industry standard and is usually not noticeable in the final product.

3.4 Any photographs, models, samples, drawings, sizes and/or product description or advertising Craftsman issue, and any illustrations contained in our catalogues, brochures, emails or on our website are produced solely to provide you with an approximate idea of the Goods they describe and/or are representative of the finished product. All Goods are manufactured within the standard industry measurement tolerances. 

4. Care and maintenance of stone products

4.1. Stone products such as worktops are made from natural materials, this is their main appeal. They are not man-made to an agreed standard of durability or strength. Therefore it is not possible to guarantee them as such.  Craftsman take every reasonable precaution to ensure the final product is as good as it can be when delivered and, where appropriate, is suitably treated to protect the surface in normal use. However, a suitable regime of care and maintenance may be required by the customer to ensure the product stays in good condition and ages gracefully. For example: 

Some stone (especially Black granite) is affected by acid found in normal kitchen items such as fruit (lemons, limes etc), sauces (often contain vinegar) etc. If these come into contact with the unprotected surface they may stain. In the worst cases the only way of removing the stain may be to re-polish the whole surface with industrial stone polishing equipment which is a dirty, expensive  and time consuming process difficult to do in a normal domestic kitchen. 

Using knives or other cutting tools directly on our products may cause surface damage.

Do not expose your granite worktop to excessive heat - Craftsman advise the use of a tripod or chopping board to place your pans on when taken directly from the hob.

Banging down or dropping heavy objects on our products may cause chips, surface damage or cracks.

Only certain cleaning products may be suitable for specific stone surfaces.

Regular re-application of surface protectors may be required.

4.2. Craftsman take every care to ensure you are aware of suitable care and maintenance requirements and Craftsman cannot be held responsible for the misuse of the products. Craftsman are happy to provide repair and restoration services when required at an appropriate charge. Extended care and protection may be purchased separately when available in order to further protect your investment.

4.3 More info how to look after your surfaces plus what products to use for looking after surfaces:  






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