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Our extensive range of stone products to now includes Stone Sculptures and Stone Art, Stone flooring, tiles and wall cladding, stone tables, stone table tops, stone sinks, fireplaces, stairs, steps and staircases, house signs, memorial items and headstone designs.

We specialise in unique bespoke designs in stone. You design it we can make it for you.


Stone and Granite Worktop Care and Maintenance:
kitchens, bathrooms etc

Granite kitchen worktop and splashback example

Granite is a very tough natural stone, it is a beautiful long lasting, hygenic material - ideally suited to countertops and worktops in the kitchen or bathroom. Granite now provides modern kitchens and bathrooms with surfaces that provide years of durable service and adds elegance and style to any setting.

Reseal your granite worktop regularly

Granite is waterproof, stain-resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant - in most cases it will just wipe clean with a damp cloth. All our granite kitchen and bathroom worktops are sealed before they leave the factory but they will need to be resealed on a regular basis - we recommend every 4 months. Oil based substances can sink into the granite and take a long time to dry out so we recommend that all spills are mopped up immediately.

Care for your granite kitchen or bathroom worktop

Granite worktops can stain and are not impervious to damage so keep your granite worktops and surfaces looking their best for many years to come we provide the following care guidelines:

Granite kitchen worktop example

Stain removal from your granite worktop

Defects and imperfections

Granite is a natural material and on rare occasions can have defects or imperfections due to the natural working characteristics of materials supplied. There may be small chips which arised in the course of manufacture, delivery and installation. We reserve the right to replace or repair minor defects entirely at our own discretion. We also reserve the right to use chemical or resinous fillers, some of which may already be present in the granite worktop to effect any repairs.

Granite and stone worktops repair and restoration service

Is your granite or stone worktop damaged – cracked, chipped, damaged edge, stained, lost its sheen...we can deal with most problems, provide you with a fast, long lasting repair that is in most cases almost invisible. Stone and Granite Worktop repair services ...

black granite worktop  granite worktop with inset sink granite kitchen counter

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