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DIY Templating of Granite Worktops

These instructions explain the Templating process and other things you should know about solid stone worktops.

Tools required to draw a worktop template


Tools you will need to draw a worktop template:

Our factory prefers your drawings supplied in CAD format. If this is not possible then send us your hand drawings. Our engineers will check them and send final drawings back to you for your confirmation. Please fax, email, or post us your drawings.

Before preparing the granite worktop template drawing:

Joints worktop layouts

Joints away from cut outs

Do not put granite worktop joints over dishwasher or washing machine

Measuring and making the granite worktop template drawing

(medium-size kitchen template can be done in 1- 3 hours):

Layouts, Joints, Overhang, space and movement, wooden supports, sizes and weight

Layout of any joints should be decided after accurately measuring the walls next to the worktop.


Measuring Walls

worktop joints are best if 90 degree angles

Joints away from cut outs

Overhang 30 - 50 mm from carcase

allow expansion gap of 5 - 10 mm

unsupported granite worktop overhang up to 25 - 30 cm

Installation book example

Quick summary for measuring and making the drawing:

Consider the layout of worktop joints.

Mark centres for hobs, sinks and other cut-outs

While measuring a hob, sink, tap and switch cut-outs, we need you to mark centre lines of each cut-out separately.

Centre line for cutouts

We need:

You can simply get actual cut-out dimensions from the installation instructions book or retailer’s website and enter them on your worktop drawing.

For under-mounted sinks the cut-out dimensions should be 10-20 mm less than sink or bowl inside dimensions.

Example of sink cut out requirements

Quick summary for hobs, sinks and other cut-outs:

Granite Worktop Joints - Bridges

Do not place joints on a hob or a sink cut-out, the granite in these places is significantly weakened.

If you must have joints at cutouts we advise customers to use bridges. (Instead of a cut out, the worktops go up to each side of the hob or sink, then narrow pieces – bridges – are used across the front and back of the hob or sink.) Bridge joints will be only 20-25% visible because a hob or other mounted sink overhang or trim will hide most of the joint .

bridging pieces

Quick summary for joints:

Drainer grooves, recessed area, taps, plumbing pipes

Drainer grooves and the recessed area around the sink should be shown on the drawing .

Drainer recess and drainer grooves


Holes and cutouts for tabs and pipe


Quick summary for drainer grooves, recessed area and tap:


Additional Points:

After measuring

After making granite worktop template, make sure cabinets and supports are not moved!

Pick-up, carrying and storing the worktops

It’s advisable to always carry and store granite worktops upright in order to avoid damage (with polished edge at the top and rear edges at the bottom). Protect the granite worktops with thick polystyrene or wood (or similar protective material) on the bottom of A-frame or wooden box (it will help avoid breaking and chipping the bottom worktop edges).

An average 3m stone worktops needs at least 3 people to lift safely so make sure you have the manpower available.

Installation of granite worktops

Install your worktops as soon as possible after you receive them and never store them where any trades or construction works are being performed!

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