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NEW: Other Stone Products

Our extensive range of stone products to now includes Stone Sculptures and Stone Art, Stone flooring, tiles and wall cladding, stone tables, stone table tops, stone sinks, fireplaces, stairs, steps and staircases, house signs, memorial items and headstone designs.

We specialise in unique bespoke designs in stone. You design it we can make it for you.


Stone and Granite Worktop repairing and renovation - restored almost to new

Rejuvenate your worktops

We offer a service to spruce up your tired stone worktops. It includes:

Chemical cleaning and sealing
Edge restoration
plus advice on looking after your worktops.

All for £300+vat

Is your granite or stone worktop damaged – cracked, chipped, damaged edge, stained, lost its sheen...we can deal with most problems, provide you with a fast, long lasting repair that is in most cases almost invisible. You may find our guidance on looking after your granite worktop useful. We use the latest technologies to provide the best repair possible. We can usually deal with:

Pricing: granite and stone repairs and restoration

Call Craftsman Ltd now or e-mail photos of damage to - This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Craftsman Ltd – experts in granite and stone worktop repairs and restoration

Granite and Stone can be used in bar tops, kitchen, bathroom and shower room worktops and floors, wall panels, flooring surfaces and mosaics, stairs and door steps (inside and outside use), fireplaces, windowsills, headstones and sculptures. We are experts in granite repair and restoration:

edge before.JPG (2009399 bytes) edge after.JPG (2015211 bytes)

We use the best technologies to get the best results

Craftsman Ltd. provides the highest-quality granite and stone repair and restoration services as we use StoneLux™ equipment, which is internationally recognized as a high-quality comprehensive repair system that produces true-to-nature results. StoneLux is officially recommended by Silestone, Caesarstone, Technistone, BMT Rekostein.

The longevity of the repair is impressive: heat resistant up to 400 F, resistant to houshold chemicals, strong bond - withstands 3.7 tons/cm2 and has a bonding force of 75 kg/cm2.

We maintain all types of granite and stone

Craftsman Ltd provides all types of maintenance services related to all types of stone including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, quartz and composite (engineered) stones – including cleaning, worktop levelling, joint cleaning and refilling, polishing, waxing, impregnating and sealing.

Stone repairing process (60KB)

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us, we will be more than glad to help.

Craftsman Ltd. is certified [1, 2] to provide repair and restoration services for any polished natural or artificial stone:

*Note: Granite and other Stone are natural products and each and every one is unique. Every surface has its own nuances, for example: granite type, its class, quality, colour, its country of origin, porosity within, crystal size etc. Bright colour surfaces produce a better match (~99%). Completely black surfaces do not always result in an exact match (~90%).

It takes more time to repair a worktop damaged with chemical liquids and getting a almost perfect match is less likely although sometimes possible.

It would be very helpful, if you sent us photos of the damaged, and any information you have on stone or granite you have. CALL us, write us an e-mail to - This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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We repair and restore Granite and Stone worktops, floors, wall panels, stairs and door steps (inside and outside use), fireplaces, windowsills, headstones and sculptures.

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