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Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Worktops:
Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions on Granite:

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed from cooling magma. Granite is quarried throughout the world, with colors and patterns that indicate the region and the geological conditions that created it. Each granite slab is unique, with random and inconsistent patterns providing such a beautiful and classic appearance.

Granite has been used for thousands of years by architects and engineers in prestigious buildings such as palaces, churches and stately homes. It is the building material chosen when it needs to last a long time, look beautiful, keep its appearance without deterioration or maintenance.

Why is granite suitable for kitchen and bathroom worktops?

Granite very attractive, practical and hygienic (it is easily sterilised) - an ideal choice for worktops. Features of granite include: it's tough, it has a glassy finish when polished which is very durable and will last for many years, it's waterproof, highly scratch resistant, heat resistant, keeps its colour and wipes clean easily.

Why has granite only been used recently for domestic kitchen and bathroom worktops?

Granite has only recently been used for worktops as modern techniques have reduced costs and made it practical and affordable to use in our homes.

What else might I use granite for?

Today, granite has very many applications in the commercial and domestic world including: tiles, wall cladding, flooring, countertops, kitchen worktops and splashbacks, bathroom surfaces, pub bar tops, restaurant tables and counters, laboratory benches, fire places, waterfalls, planters, headstones and gravestones

What area do you cover?

We operate National Wide throughout the UK and within parts of the EU. Contact us for EU availability.

Can I talk to your customers?

We are proud of our work and we are sure all our customers are proud of the end results of our work. Please feel free to contact us - we will gladly provide details of our clients in your area who you can talk to or perhaps visit to see our work first hand.


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Measuring and Fitting Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Worktop Questions

What should I do to prepare for the measuring (templating) visit?

Granite weighs more than 90 kilograms per square metre. Ensure that cabinets are secured firmly to the wall, are level and have sufficient braces and that the floor can support the weight of granite worktops. Make sure you know the final locations of sinks, hobs, taps or any other fittings.

Then after templating ensure cabinets and supports are not moved after we have been to template. Measurements taken at that time are crucial to ensure a good fitting environment. Changes after we have taken our measurements and templates are likely to cause significant difficulties and could be very costly to deal with.

Will there be visible joints in my granite kichen or bathroom worktops?

Granite is a very dense and heavy material so it is not practical to provide pieces of granite worktops larger than 3 x 2 metres. We also might need to add other joints if access is restricted and it is not practical to fit the granite worktop in one piece. This will be made clear when templating, we will work our hardest to get the joints in a position which is acceptable for you. In general, our joints are less than 1mm wide, and will be filled with either silicone or a masonary resin compound.

How long will it take to provide my granite worktops?

We normally deliver and fit within 2 to 3 weeks of an order being placed.

What should I do to prepare for fitting of my granite kitchen or bathroom worktops?

Granite worktops are very heavy and can be difficult to handle in confined spaces. Our fitters are experienced and will be extremely careful. However please remove cupboard fronts and any other items that may get damaged during fitting of granite worktops. We can not take responsibility for damage to such items that are left in place.

Will I need to provide extra hands to assist with the fitting of my granite worktops?

On some occasions, especially when granite worktop pieces are particularly large and/or cumbersome (e.g. large islands of granite worktops), it may be necessary to arrange a extra people to assist in lifting and moving the granite worktops into place. If you provide the extra people we cannot accept liability for the wellbeing of those people. If your prefer that we provide additional helpers, a separate charge may be levied by Craftsman Ltd for providing the necessary manpower. However, your templater will be able to identify such situations at an early stage, and all arrangements will be subject to negotiation.

Will I need to make specific allowances for sinks?

You will need to ensure that suitable space and support is provided for sinks. In most cases a sink will come with fitting instructions that will explain how to adapt the base unit to provide adequate room and support for the sink.

Our templater will explain what needs to be done by you before or after our worktop fitters do their work. If our fitters need to do extra work when they arrive to accommodate sinks they may need to make an additional charge at the time.

Heavy Undermounted Sinks

In most cases heavy undermounted sinks, such as enamel sinks, recommend that a wooden frame is contructed all around the sink and the gap between the granite worktop and sink sealed with silicone. In our experience, building a wooden support frame is best done after the granite worktop has been fitted. If this is the case our granite worktop fitters can help by glueing the sink to the bottom of the granite worktop so that the wooden frame can be constructed afterwards by you (or your builder or kitchen fitter).

Stainless Steel Undermounted Sinks

Our fitters will screw and glue stainless steel sinks to the granite worktop using sink clips (which normally come with the sink). They will also seal with clear silicone the joint between the worktop and sink.

Will you connect Water and Gas fittings?

We fix sinks and hobs to the granite worktops, but you should ask a suitably qualified plumber and gas fitter to connect the water and gas. We are not able to include this service.

Is there likely to be any damage to walls during the fitting of granite kitchen or bathroom worktops?

Walls are rarely straight or square, to minimise the gaps between the wall and the granite worktops our fitters may need to chase out plaster etc. Naturally every care is taken to minimise the impact and damage of such work, but Craftsman Ltd can not take responsibility for live plaster falls. You may need to arrange for a the walls to be made good after your granite worktops are fitted. We are not able to make such repairs.

Will I need to fit splash backs?

Walls are rarely straight or square, so small gaps between the granite worktop and the wall should be expected. Our fitting team may also need to slightly modify walls next to the granite worktop to minimise gaps. We therefore advise fitting a splash back or tiling after your granite worktop is fitted.

Are there likely to be defects or imperfections in my granite worktop?

Granite is a natural material and on rare occasions can have defects or imperfections due to the natural working characteristics of materials supplied. There may be small chips which arised in the course of manufacture, delivery and/or installation. We reserve the right to replace or repair minor defects entirely at our own discretion. We also reserve the right to use chemical or resinous fillers, some of which may already be present in the granite worktop to effect any repairs.

Can I arrange for my own fitting?

If you prefer - we can just supply the granite product, you can arrange your own installation team or DIY. (Be aware granite is very, very heavy and needs to be handled with due care and consideration - it is not a one man job!)


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Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Worktop Care and Maintenance

How should I clean my granite worktop?

Rinse with clean warm water (if you wish add a non-abrasive light neutral detergent - PH7) and dry with a chamois leather or similar.

Can I use abrasive cleaners on my granite kitchen or bathroom worktop?

Granite must not be rubbed with abrasive materials (such as metal pads, scouring detergents and wire wool or alkaline and chlorine based cleaners or bleach) instead, wash with clean warm water to which a non-abrasive light neutral detergent (PH7) may be added. Drainer Grooves can however be cleaned using wire wool.

What liquids may cause damage to my granite kitchen or bathroom worktop?

Granite is waterproof and highly durable but the surface sealer does need regular reapplication (see next section). All spilt liquids should be mopped up immediately.

The most risk is from highly alkaline or acidic liquids (such as lemon juice or vinegar), oil based substances (such as butter and cooking oils - hot oil splattering from cooking pans around the cooker), wine, detergents and alcohol.

Do not allow any build up of salt or detergent on your granite worktop.

Granite worktops should not be brought into contact with strong acids or chemicals including paint stripper, brush cleaner, oven cleaner, nail varnish remover, degreasant or similar products.

Should I treat my granite worktop to ensure it lasts longer?

For a longer lasting finish the surface can be sealed to reduce its natural porosity. Surface treatments should be reapplied every 4 months after cleaning with a neutral detergent.

Can I damage my granite worktop?

Granite is very tough however do not hit your granite worktop with something blunt and heavy. It can crack, chip or even break (the edges are most likely to be damaged if physically abused).

Should I use a chopping board?

Granite is highly scratch resistant and is likely to dull your kitchen knives. However we would advise the use of a chopping board as a preparation centre to reduce the risk of damage to your granite worktop.

Can I put hot pots and pans on my granite kitchen worktop?

Granite is heat resistant and is not likely to be damaged however you should not expose your granite worktop to excessive heat and we advise the use of a tripod or similar to place your pans on when taken directly from the hob.

How do I remove stains from my granite worktop?

Use water based stain remover for the removal of stains of an organic nature, such as wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juices etc.

Use alkaline degreaser for removal of dirt of an organic and greasy nature, spots, grease, pollution, smoke stains, lamp black, wax coating etc.

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