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DULUX color palette

(please also take a look at RAL and NCS color palletes)

Disclaimer: The way colors look on a computer screen is different from the way they look in print. Also, different monitors render colors differently. Therefore for more accurate color and color code please visit our showroom.

DULUX 51YY52/262: Green beige
DULUX 23YY48/254: Beige
DULUX 23YY46/346: Sand yellow
DULUX 18YY46/721: Signal yellow
DULUX 21YY42/707: Golden yellow
DULUX 24YY35/642: Honey yellow
DULUX 10YY38/699: Maize yellow
DULUX 04YY38/725: Daffodil yellow
DULUX 02YY27/302: Brown beige
DULUX 39YY48/618: Lemon yellow
DULUX 46YY72/099: Oyster white
DULUX 35YY60/236: Ivory
DULUX 31YY68/156: Light ivory
DULUX 66YY74/734: Sulfur yellow
DULUX 03YY50/547: Saffron yellow
DULUX 43YY65/695: Zinc yellow
DULUX 08YY31/139: Grey beige
DULUX 45YY30/326: Olive yellow
DULUX 34YY54/840: Rape yellow
DULUX 33YY51/759: Traffic yellow
DULUX 22YY33/378: Ochre yellow
DULUX 33YY26/490: Curry
DULUX 03YY47/845: Melon yellow
DULUX 26YY44/684: Broom yellow
DULUX 98YR45/688: Dahlia yellow
DULUX 92YR44/500: Pastel yellow
DULUX 78YR28/656: Yellow orange
DULUX 43YR18/542: Red orange
DULUX 28YR16/587: Vermilion
DULUX 65YR36/666: Pastel orange
DULUX 50YR24/710: Pure orange
DULUX 59YR30/688: Bright red orange
DULUX 55YR24/690: Traffic orange
DULUX 55YR20/606: Signal orange
DULUX 69YR30/651: Deep orange
DULUX 33YR25/503: Salmon range
DULUX 17YR12/495: Flame red
DULUX 20YR12/100: Signal red
DULUX 13YR11/479: Carmine red
DULUX 04YR09/389: Ruby red
DULUX 93RR07/280: Purple red
DULUX 89RR06/194: Wine red
DULUX 88RR04/085: Black red
DULUX 17YR08/232: Oxide red
DULUX 07YR08/322: Brown red
DULUX 48YR32/290: Beige red
DULUX 18YR11/429: Tomato red
DULUX 97RR28/351: Antique pink
DULUX 77RR46/209: Light pink
DULUX 22YR14/451: Coral red
DULUX 96RR22/474: Rose
DULUX 98RR19/530: Strawberry red
DULUX 29YR15/617: Traffic red
DULUX 32YR26/449: Salmon pink
DULUX 89RR13/495: Raspberry red
DULUX 04YR14/453: Orient red
DULUX 69RB18/213: Red lilac
DULUX 73RR12/307: Red violet
DULUX 32RR25/413: Heather violet
DULUX 51RR07/246: Claret violet
DULUX 23RB19/274: Blue lilac
DULUX 12RR11/389: Traffic purple
DULUX 04RR06/141: Purple violet
DULUX 85RB13/319: Signal violet
DULUX 18RR29/107: Pastel violet
DULUX 40BB10/196: Violet blue
DULUX 93BG09/180: Green blue
DULUX 82BB07/360: Ultramarine blue
DULUX 49BB06/171: Saphire blue
DULUX 53BB05/043: Black blue
DULUX 49BB10/315: Signal blue
DULUX 20BB15/223: Brillant blue
DULUX 12BB07/063: Grey blue
DULUX 86BG12/208: Azure blue
DULUX 27BB09/297: Gentian blue
DULUX 33BB05/093: Steel blue
DULUX 94BG24/337: Light blue
DULUX 64BB06/173: Cobalt blue
DULUX 32BB22/156: Pigeon blue
DULUX 05BB19/361: Sky blue
DULUX 40BB11/356: Traffic blue
DULUX 86GG23/285: Turquoise blue
DULUX 06BB12/274: Capri blue
DULUX 24BG07/163: Ocean blue
DULUX 87GG16/307: Water blue
DULUX 97BB06/230: Night blue
DULUX 35BB16/213: Distant blue
DULUX 83BG29/195: Pastel blue
DULUX 20GG17/213: Patina green
DULUX 64GY14/304: Emerald green
DULUX 57GY11/259: Leaf green
DULUX 02GY11/110: Olive green
DULUX 75GG08/139: Blue green
DULUX 20GG07/148: Moss green
DULUX 84YY07/045: Grey olive
DULUX 32GY06/066: Bottle green
DULUX 63YY06/052: Brown green
DULUX 79GY06/069: Fir green
DULUX 43GY15/305: Grass green
DULUX 32GY21/189: Reseda green
DULUX 49GG07/047: Black green
DULUX 66YY20/149: Reed green
DULUX 43YY08/064: Yellow olive
DULUX 01GY07/038: Black olive
DULUX 23GG13/333: Turquoise green
DULUX 40GY20/345: May green
DULUX 40GY28/205: Yellow green
DULUX 42GY60/185: Pastel green
DULUX 42GY08/089: Chrome green
DULUX 32GY32/180: Pale green
DULUX 37YY06/055: Olive drab
DULUX 02GG19/445: Traffic green
DULUX 17GY16/257: Fern green
DULUX 44GG11/301: Opal green
DULUX 72GG45/200: Light green
DULUX 12GG10/132: Pine green
DULUX 00GG14/414: Mint green
DULUX 96GY18/377: Signal green
DULUX 61GG23/206: Mint turquoise
DULUX 87GG39/163: Pastel turquoise
DULUX 70BG27/054: Squirrel grey
DULUX 86BG32/041: Silver grey
DULUX 49YY22/108: Olive grey
DULUX 69YY20/073: Moss grey
DULUX 12YR30/009: Signal grey
DULUX 65GY19/019: Mouse grey
DULUX 15YY17/083: Beige grey
DULUX 26YY15/180: Khaki grey
DULUX 17GY13/049: Green grey
DULUX 44GY13/032: Tarpaulin grey
DULUX 71BG12/032: Iron grey
DULUX 33BG14/023: Basalt grey
DULUX 39YY11/070: Brown grey
DULUX 46BB12/034: Slate grey
DULUX 82BG08/029: Anthracite grey
DULUX 94BG06/016: Black grey
DULUX 56YY10/026: Umbra grey
DULUX 87YY23/050: Concrete grey
DULUX 47BB09/031: Graphite grey
DULUX 30BG08/041: Granite grey
DULUX 54YY29/048: Stone grey
DULUX 62BG16/049: Blue grey
DULUX 61YY45/083: Pebble grey
DULUX 09GY24/073: Cement grey
DULUX 49YY28/131: Yellow grey
DULUX 49GY59/018: Light grey
DULUX 40YR31/017: Platinum grey
DULUX 34GY23/007: Dusty grey
DULUX 04GY45/036: Agate grey
DULUX 39YY17/044: Quartz grey
DULUX 94BG36/028: Window grey
DULUX 23BG29/013: Traffic grey A
DULUX 93GY10/014: Traffic grey B
DULUX 48YY47/052: Silk grey
DULUX 16YY18/254: Green brown
DULUX 87YR19/359: Ochre brown
DULUX 49YR11/212: Signal brown
DULUX 71YR13/270: Clay brown
DULUX 43YR14/306: Copper brown
DULUX 70YR10/217: Fawn brown
DULUX 87YR12/222: Olive brown
DULUX 57YR08/153: Nut brown
DULUX 21YR08/203: Red brown
DULUX 81YR07/094: Sepia brown
DULUX 21YR08/178: Chestnut brown
DULUX 34YR07/119: Mahogany brown
DULUX 34YR06/077: Chocolate brown
DULUX 22YR07/025: Grey brown
DULUX 42YR04/016: Black brown
DULUX 62YR18/396: Orange brown
DULUX 69YR13/202: Beige brown
DULUX 74YR14/145: Pale brown
DULUX 76YR08/106: Terra brown
DULUX 37YY77/070: Cream
DULUX 74YY69/047: Grey white
DULUX 04YY04/001: Jet black
DULUX 61YY86/041: Pure white
DULUX 36BB05/008: Graphite black
DULUX 05GY87/020: Traffic white
DULUX 47GY62/029: Papyrus white

Disclaimer: The way colors look on a computer screen is different from the way they look in print. Also, different monitors render colors differently. Therefore please double check color codes with printed color catalogues before ordering.


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